Thursday, June 11, 2009


This image may not look like much, and it really isn't but it is something that I took on 6-9-09. I was very specific in the date because of a worldwide photo taking day that is suppose to be happening on 9-9-09. of course I, being a genius thought that for some reason it was suppose to be taken on 6-9-09. So i messed up the date, but I guess when the real thing happens I will be ready for it and take a cooler shot!
Later that same night I took a few pictures for my roommates band 'Rape Escape'

Friday, June 5, 2009

Protien and Poison

For anyone who may choose to follow this blog I want to let you know what I plan to do with it.
I think I will devote the majority of this blog to events in my life: trips, photos, maybe cool shows, and other important evens that may come about in my life. I don't really intent to update this all too often, but maybe that will change.